Tom Stogdon is an artist born into a fourth generation of greengrocers in Bloomsbury in 1964. He withdrew from the fruit trade in 1998 and has never looked back. - ‘I often wonder how would life have been if I had gone on to art school instead of the market but always arrive back at the same conclusion...….. who really knows. What I do know ‘is that I feel very lucky to be doing what I love every day of my life.’


Since his last solo show with Crane Kalman he has moved on with his practice; not wanting to change for the sake of change but developing and evolving the range of materials and the way in which he uses them for his constructions. - ‘In my daily practice as an artist, I am striving to create my own individual language with the way I use material and, in particular, stones. You will notice colour creeping and sometimes crashing through my current work. I still like to search for found material which can become a component part or a catalyst to

the next piece. I have been lucky enough to work with a fantastic fabricator and friend for

a number of years & recently discovered a foundry in Birmingham where I have found

casting in bronze, and the intricate and varied patination process to be really inspiring. Often, for me, this bronze form I have originally built in plaster or clay is then the starting point, a framework if you like not dissimilar to the fabrication process, as I continue introducing further elements like stone, wood and other materials.’


Tom was elected as a member to the Royal Sculpture Society in 2012 and is married to Rebecca. They have two fantastic young boys of 8 & 10 who keep them both busy, poor and very entertained, so not so different to everyone else really. His studios are now very rural and just outside Oxford, but London will always be inside him and therefore, to some degree or other, in his work.