Jethro Buck - Wild Things


Jethro Buck is a painter with a special interest in Indian miniature painting.  He applies traditional techniques to explore and celebrate the natural world, often using hand-ground natural pigments.  His work illustrates a type of modern folklore, fusing the  ancient with the contemporary and above all, a reverence for the natural world. In these 20 or so new works it is nature that comes to the fore as he tackles our planets diminishing biodiversity, originating from his recent engagement in a re-wilding project in the Caledonian Forest, which the charity, Trees for Life, are restoring. To support this, Jethro and Crane Kalman Gallery will be donating 10% of all sales to the charity Trees for Life.


Jethro and Crane Kalman Gallery will also be supporting the work of The Environmental Justice Foundation through the sale of a limited run of 75 prints, signed and numbered by the artist, of the work Mammals Past (20,000BC). For further information on this donation please download our press release below.